Corvallis Rotary 2014

Our vision of where we want to be in 2014

• Our club is recognized for ethics in life, work, and passing it on to youth
• Community leadership in community projects. Making things happen
• Development of the next generation of service minded leaders
• “Go to” club when someone wants help with at project

Club Attributes
• Build partnerships and leverage resources
• Reflects the demographic diversity of the community
• Value families
• Value fellowship

1. Club Size: 150

2. Club Service
2.1. Assign new members a mentor for 2 years
2.2. Quality programs attract members
2.3. Interactive website
2.4. Programs offer lively debate-broad views
2.5. Monthly Fellowship activities
2.6. “Sparks” like communication vehicle on a weekly basis

3. Vocational Service
3.1. Interact started in 5 high schools in Benton County
3.2. Ethics program for young professionals
3.3. Active HS Programs, Speakers Bureau, Mentoring
3.4. Vocational mentoring that extends to youngest members
3.5. Scholarships to include Scholar Loan Foundation funds
3.6. Active participant in 509J Career Info System Connections Program

4. Community Service
4.1. Programs to help meet the needs of homeless students in the
Corvallis School District
4.2. Known for support of Literacy – e.g., KRRC, Read Across Corvallis
4.3. Grants to High Schools for joint programs
4.4. Clearing house for volunteers (Rotarian and non-Rotarian) for local
4.5. Create an Annual Calendar of service events to enable member
scheduling of participation

5. Fundraising
5.1. Community beaver race and BBQ, Raise $40,000
5.2. Inter-club Texas Hold ‘em tournament, raise $5,000
5.3. Continue the Benton County Fair ticket sales $5,000
5.4. Work jointly with other non-profits to raise fund for it or both of us.

6. International Service
6.1. Look for additional projects with our partner club in Uzhgorod.
6.2. Continue to deepen and expand project activities with the Rotary
Club Morelia Universidad
6.3. Members (20) volunteer overseas every year
6.4. Regular (quarterly) meeting of all area Rotary clubs to coordinate
area projects
6.5. Youth Exchange – Inbound (1/yr.) and outbound (1-3/yr.)
6.6. Continue to support OSU student travel to international internship
sites, using member donated air miles (United)---help 4 per year.

7. Foundations
7.1. Support RI efforts to eradicate polio
7.2. Encourage Paul Harris membership with matching funds
7.3. The club will work with members so that 90% of members are PHF.
7.4. Every Member Every Year
7.5. Support Benton County Foundation

8. Leadership Development
8.1. Get newest members involved right away
8.2. Annually, 1/3 of Board is new to the board
8.3. Committee chairs and Officers develop their successors
8.4. All members are assigned to a committee (Honorary may be exempt)